General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. The Jigme Dorji National Park is located in which country?

2. Which committee has in 2017 submitted report on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) act to the Union Government?

3. The 2017 National Broadcasting Day (NBD) is celebrated on which date in India?

4. Who has won the 2017 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix?

5. Which Indian sportsperson has been appointed as the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for physical activity in the South-East Asia Region (SEAR)?

6. Which country to host ministerial meeting of UN Security Council (UNSC) on North Korea’ nuclear efforts?

7. Which state team has won the 2017 National Youth Athletics Championships?

8. Who is the author of the book “From Inside the Steel Frame: The Memoirs of an Administrator”?

9. Which state government has launched “Deendayal Rasoi Yojana” to provide food at subsidized rate to poor?

10. Who has been honoured with the Life Time Excellence Award at the 2017 National Earth System Sciences (NESS) awards?

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    When he was 16 years old, he moved to Aden, Yemen. He worked with A. Besse & Co. for a salary of Rs.300. Two years later, A. Besse & Co. became the distributors for Shell products, and Dhirubhai was promoted to Dhirubhai was precocious and highly intelligent and also as highly impatient of the oppressive grinding mill of the school classroom.He chose works which uses his physical ability to the maximum rather than mugging up school lessons. When Jamnaben once asked Dhirubhai and Ramnikbhai to help his father by earning money,He angrily replied Why do you keep screaming for money? I will make heaps of money one day.During weekends,he began setting up onionpotato fries stall at village fairs and made extra money which he gave to his mother.C21manage the company s filling station at the port of Aden.He was married to Kokilaben and had 2 sons, Mukesh,Anil and two daughters, Nina Kothari,Deepti Salgaocar.

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