General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. Which state government has launched “e-nagarpalika” app to provide municipal services online?

2. Which country has become the first country in the world to ban the mining of metals?

3. Who is the newly appointed Defence Minister of India?

4. The Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) is located in which state?

5. Which country’s women football team has won the 2016 SAFF Women’s Championship?

6. Which Indian personality has been honoured by US Embassy for Tuberculosis (TB) awareness?

7. The Bhitarkanika National Park (BNP) is in news in 2017 due to rise in mammal population. It is located in which district of Odisha?

8. Which country has launched the world’s largest amphibious aircraft “AG600”?

9. The 2017 bilateral naval exercise “Naseem-Al-Bahr” has started between India & which country?

10. Which institute has been selected as the first recipient of the Prime Minister’s Yoga Award?

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    The goalkeeper has five 5 seconds to put the ball back into play after gaining possession and control of the ball.Play will be stopped by the referees when the ball that is thrown by the goalkeeper,travels in the air over the halfway line without being touched by another player. A direct free kick restart will be awarded to the opposing team one 1 yard from the barricade at the offenders red line.Play will be stopped by the referees when the goalkeeper punts the ball.A direct free kick restart will be awarded to the opposing team at the top of the offending teams penalty circle.A drop kick is not considered to be a punted ball. The ball that is drop kicked by the goalkeeper may go over the midfield line.The goalkeeper may slide tackleslide in the penalty area only. If any part of the goalkeepers body leaves the penalty area, played will be stopped, and a direct free kick restart will be awarded to the opposing team at the location where the infringement occurred.

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