General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. Who has been appointed as new Union Minister of State (IC) in Ministries of Power & New & Renewable Energy?

2. Who much amount has been sanctioned by the World Bank (WB) for Tripura Power Upgradation project?

3. What is the theme of the 2017 International Conference on Yoga?

4. India’s largest start-up incubator will be set up in which of the following states?

5. The 2017 Aadivasi Mahotsav has started in which state?

6. What is the theme of 2017 World Metrology Day (WMD)?

7. Which Indian teenager has won the Young Travel Photographer Of The Year (TPOTY) award 2016?

8. Which city has hosted the 7th edition of Indian Seed Congress (ISC)-2017?

9. Who has been appointed the new Director General of Police (DGP) of Telangana State Government?

10. Who has been appointed as the new Executive Director (ED) of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

General Knowledge

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    Avatars of Lord Shiva

    Shiva is present everywhere! As Adi Shankaracharya said,Forgive me Oh, Shiva! My three great sins! I came on a pilgrimage to Kashi forgetting that, you are omnipresent. In thinking about you, I forgot that You are beyond thought. In praying to you, I forgot that You are beyond words. To sustain law and balance of nature Lord Shiva took many avatars in various yugas. In Shiv Mahapuran, there is a mention of these avatars, heres a look?",1.jpg,Avataars of Lord Shiva 16305,Piplaad Avatar,As per the legends, Shiva was born as Piplaad to sage Dhatichi. The sage left his son even before he was born. Upset without his father Piplaad asked the devas why my father left me. They told him that the unfortunate circumstances were formed because of the planetary position of Shani. On learning this, Piplaad cursed Shani and Shani started falling down its celestial abode.

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