General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. The Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary (MWS) is located in which state?

2. Which of the following commodity exchange has launched India’s first commodity options in gold?

3. Which of the following will be India’s first solar mission to take off in 2019?

4. Lalchungnunga, who has been chosen to train at Germany’s top division football league “Bundesliga”, is belonged to which Indian state?

5. Which state government has observed “Parents’ Worship Day” on February 14?

6. The Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary (TWS) is located in which state?

7. Which country to host 10th International conference on theory and practice of electronic governance?

8. Which state government has in 2017 imposed a ban on sale of High in Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) food at school canteens?

9. The Madhya Pradesh Govt has partnered with which states under “Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat” scheme to strengthen cultural relations between them?

10. Nora Chopra, who passed away in 2017, was related to which field?

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    Fish is the dominant kind of protein in Bengali cuisine and is cultivated in ponds and fished with nets in the freshwater rivers of the Ganges Delta. Almost every part of the fish (except scales, fins, and innards) is eaten, unlike other regions, the head is particularly preferred. Other spare bits of the fish are usually used to flavour curries and dals.More than forty types of mostly freshwater fish are common, including carp varieties like rui (rohu), koi (climbing perch), the wriggling catfish family tangra, magur, shingi pabda (the pinkbellied Indian butter fish), katla, ilish (ilish), as well as shu?ki (small dried sea fish). Chingri (prawn) is a particular favourite and comes in many varieties kucho (tiny shrimp), bagda (tiger prawns) or galda (Scampi).

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