General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. Which country to host the 46th Congress of the International Hockey Federation (FIH-2018)?

2. Dabur India has tied up with which e-commerce major for an online ayurveda marketplace?

3. Who has been appointed joint secretary in Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC)?

4. Parali I island, which has vanished due to coastal erosion, was part of which state/UT?

5. The 2017 Agriculture Science Fair (ASF) was held in which city?

6. Who has won bronze in the 2017 women’s singles World Badminton championships (WBC)?

7. Which country’s team has clinched gold at the Hockey World League (HWL-2017) tournament?

8. Which state is hosting the 2nd edition of International Spice Conference?

9. What is the 2017 theme of International Day of UN Peacekeepers?

10. Who has become the India’s first visually impaired runner to compete the historic Boston Marathon?

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  • Simple Science

    Specific Heat

    Temperature and Heat:
    We know that different substances are differently affected by heat. Some substances, like water, change their temperature slowly when heated; others, like mercury, change their temperature very rapidly when heated. The number of calories needed by 1 gram of a substance in order that its temperature may be increased 1° C. is called the specific heat of a substance; or, specific heat is the number of calories given out by 1 gram of a substance when its temperature falls 1° C. For experiments on the determination of specific heat, see Laboratory Manual.

    Water has the highest specific heat of any known substance except hydrogen; that is, it requires more heat to raise the temperature of water a definite number of degrees than it does to raise the temperature of an equal amount of any other substance the same number of degrees. Practically this same thing can be stated in another way: Water in cooling gives out more heat than any other substance in cooling through the same number of degrees. For this reason water is used in foot warmers and in hot-water bags. If a copper lid were used as a foot warmer, it would give the feet only.095 as much heat as an equal weight of water; a lead weight only.031 as much heat as water. Flatirons are made of iron because of the relatively high specific heat of iron. The flatiron heats slowly and cools slowly, and, because of its high specific heat, not only supplies the laundress with considerable heat, but eliminates for her the frequent changing of the flatiron.

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