General Science

1. A brick and a coin are released from the same height, at the same time, in vacuum. Which will hit the ground first ?

2. A stone, tied to a string, is being whirled round in a horizontal circle. The string suddenly breaks. What will be the motion of ther stone ?

3. Why a cyclist bends slightly inwards when taking a turn ?

4. How does the Pouring of kerosene oil on stagnant water help to eradicate malaria ?

5. A rocket works on the principle of

6. Why sand is provided for high jumpers to fall on in place of hard ground

7. The total quantity of motion contained in a body is given by its

8. A vector quantity is that which has

9. How the necessary centripetal force is provided in the case Of artificial satellites orbiting around the earth ?

10. Weigbt of a body is maximum at

General Knowledge

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    Home Decorate

    After thoroughly cleansing the home, Chinese people will decorate it with auspicious red color decor items carrying golden inscriptions with the symbols of Happiness, Longevity, Prosperity, etc. Various flowers, such as Chrysanthemum, Lucky Bamboo, Plum Blossoms and others are used in the Chinese New Year home decor according to the specific meaning of each flower. You will also see the mystic knot symbol used in numerous decor items, as well as images of many ancient gods venerated in Chinese culture, such as Guan Yu, the God of War and Justice, the Jade Emperor, as well as the very popular Kitchen God. Basically, all the efforts are directed towards creating clean and harmonious energy in your home in order to welcome the blessings of the New Year.

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