General Science

1. The total quantity of motion contained in a body is given by its

2. Why a hydrogen balloon rises ?

3. A stone, tied to a string, is being whirled round in a horizontal circle. The string suddenly breaks. What will be the motion of ther stone ?

4. What is the physital principle involved in skating ?

5. Why does a ship made of steel float though a steel ball sinks

6. A rocket works on the principle of

7. A vector quantity is that which has

8. How does the Pouring of kerosene oil on stagnant water help to eradicate malaria ?

9. Why sand is provided for high jumpers to fall on in place of hard ground

10. Why a person leans forward when climbing a hill

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    Ground meat or vegetable croquettes bound together by spices and/or eggs served alone or in savoury gravy. Koftas are usually softer than boras which are mainly made of ground lentils, sometimes with added chopped vegetables. Telebhaja is different.

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