General Science

1. A light year is a unit of

2. How does, saft straw work?

3. A stone, tied to a string, is being whirled round in a horizontal circle. The string suddenly breaks. What will be the motion of ther stone ?

4. What is the physital principle involved in skating ?

5. Which of the following changes can be brought about by the, application of a force ?

6. When a stone is thrown on a window pane, the glass is broken into pieces. However, when a high speed bullet passes. through the. window pane, it makes a clean hole. Why ?

7. The force of attraction between any two bodies in this universe is known as

8. Which of the following is the Newton's law of motion?

9. Why sand is provided for high jumpers to fall on in place of hard ground

10. Which of the following statements is correct ?

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