General Science

1. Why a person leans forward when climbing a hill

2. A brick and a coin are released from the same height, at the same time, in vacuum. Which will hit the ground first ?

3. How does, saft straw work?

4. Why sand is provided for high jumpers to fall on in place of hard ground

5. Which of the following is the Newton's law of motion?

6. A vector quantity is that which has

7. The force of attraction between any two bodies in this universe is known as

8. How does the Pouring of kerosene oil on stagnant water help to eradicate malaria ?

9. Which of the following is due to capillary action ?

10. How a boatman should row if he wants to take his boat to a poim*t just opposite on the other bank of the river ?

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    Stelvio Pass Road Trollstigen

    The highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps and the second highest in the Alps after the Col de lIseran (2770 m) the Stelvio Pass Road connects the Valtellina with the upper Adige valley and Merano. It is located in the Italian Alps near Bormio and Sulden 75 km from Bolzano close to Swiss border.While it might not be as risky as other deadly routes its certainly breathtaking. The tour books advise that the toughest and most spectacular climbing is from the Prato side Bormio side approach is more tame. With 48 hairpins this road is regarded as one of the finest continuous hairpin routes in the Alps.

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