General Science

1. Which of the following changes can be brought about by the, application of a force ?

2. Which of the following statements is correct ?

3. A brick and a coin are released from the same height, at the same time, in vacuum. Which will hit the ground first ?

4. Why a cyclist bends slightly inwards when taking a turn ?

5. Why is it essential for an aeroplane to run on the runway before the take off ?

6. How a boatman should row if he wants to take his boat to a poim*t just opposite on the other bank of the river ?

7. How the necessary centripetal force is provided in the case Of artificial satellites orbiting around the earth ?

8. Which force causes a particle to move in a circle with constant speed ?

9. When a ball is set rolling on the ground, it stops after, sometimeWhich of the following opposes the motion of the ball ?

10. A stone, tied to a string, is being whirled round in a horizontal circle. The string suddenly breaks. What will be the motion of ther stone ?

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