General Science

1. At what degree the readings in both the Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales are exactly the same ?

2. Why cooking is quicker in a pressure cooker ?

3. Why ice floats on water ?

4. How the mass of a body changes when it is brought to the moon's surface from earth ?

5. Why water cannot put out fire of petrol burning in a container

6. Why water pipes are in danger of bursting in extremely cold weather ?

7. Why an aeroplane cannot fly In vacuum ?

8. A small liquid drop assumes a spherical shape. Which of the following is responsible for this ?

9. Wny cooking more difficult on the mountains?

10. At what temperature water has maximum density ?

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    Human beings may not stand to win in a fair fight against most of these species, but thanks to our ingenuity, we have learned how to arm ourselves with weapons and tools which have placed us at the top of the food chain (at least for the time being). We also get extra points on the deadly scale for our aggression, not only toward other animals, but toward each other. The scale to which we take our destruction is unique. No other animal starts worldwide wars or blasts whole regions of the earth into total ruin with nuclear weapons. Without a doubt, the most dangerous animal in the world is the face you see in the mirror each day. Nonetheless, caught off our guard, it is easy for any of the animals on this list to overcome us. All it takes is one misstep on the sea floor, or a really angry buffalo. These animals all have some kind of physical advantage over us, whether it is strength, speed, or venom. Humans have developed quite a reputation though, which is why most of these animals will avoid us (only a couple of the animals on this list are actively aggressive). Most deadly animals will avoid you when you are out on a walk or going for a swim. All of these dangerous animals deserve your respect though, so always be careful and watch your step when you are out in the wild.

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