General Science

1. Iron is found in abundance in

2. Vegetable proteins are not of very good quality because these lack some essential amino acids. But their quality can be improved by supplementation. Therefore the best combination can be

3. Atheletes need more evergy as compared to their non-athelete connterparts because

4. Infested grains are harmful for health because

5. Which is the rich'source of vitamin C ?

6. Cooked egg is better than raw egg because

7. A person is known to be malnourished if he tends to be.

8. Vegetables should be washed before cutting to minimise losses of

9. 'Colostrum' is the thick fluid secreted by mammary glands for first few days just after delivery. This should be fed to the youngone because it is a rich source of

10. Rate of spoilage of food is accelerated by

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