General Science

1. Which is the rich'source of vitamin C ?

2. Calcium and phosphorus are mainly found in

3. A diet which contains lots of fat stays for a ... time in the stomach.

4. A person is known to be malnourished if he tends to be.

5. Which is the rich source of vitamin B-complex ?

6. Cooking helps making the food more

7. Atheletes need more evergy as compared to their non-athelete connterparts because

8. Children need more protein of good quality as compared to adults because

9. Rich source of vitamin A is

10. Milk is a very rich source of

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    Alzheimers disease

    Medical research indicates that normal consumption of vitamin E, as common in endives, might help avoid the start of Alzheimers disease. Endive or even Escarole is really a traditional, herbaceous leafy plant that is among the Asteraceae family of the genus: Cichorium and it has the medical title of Cichorium endive. Originating from the Mediterranean area, theyve been recognized for thousands of years through the Romans, Greeks as well as Egyptians.

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