General Science

1. When a bicycle tube is pumped up, the bicycle pump gets heated. Which of the following is the cause of production of this heat energy ?

2. Nutritional requirements of a population can be estimated easily by

3. What can be the secret of good health ?

4. Why is it more comfortable to swim in sea water than in river ?

5. Lactating mother,requires more protein and energy to compensate these nutrients secreted in the milk. If these nurtrients are not provided to her in the diet it will affect

6. To assess a nutritional status of a population, which of the following methods will be most appropriate ?

7. Why steam causes more severe burns than boiling water ?

8. Why human breath is visible in winter but not in summer

9. For better utilization of food by the body, eat well balanced!diet in

10. Why is it difficult to walk on ice ?

General Knowledge

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