General Science

1. A person who does heavy (manual) work as compared to counterpart who does sedentary (office) work needs

2. Why is it more comfortable to swim in sea water than in river ?

3. Which of the following will happen if the force of earth's, gravitation disappears suddenly ?

4. A piece of iron with a cavity in it is heated. What will be the effect on the cavity ?

5. For better utilization of food by the body, eat well balanced!diet in

6. Lactating mother,requires more protein and energy to compensate these nutrients secreted in the milk. If these nurtrients are not provided to her in the diet it will affect

7. A well nourished infant.

8. Why a clean and dry needle floats when put gently on the surface of water ?

9. Pregnant woman needs additional food because ,

10. Why is it difficult to walk on ice ?

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