General Science

1. To assess a nutritional status of a population, which of the following methods will be most appropriate ?

2. A person who does heavy (manual) work as compared to counterpart who does sedentary (office) work needs

3. Why a small space is left between each of the two rails of a railway line ?

4. A smoked metal ball, when dipped in water appears to shine brightly. Which of the following phenomena of light is responsible for this ?

5. The brain development is maximum during

6. Why the hair of a painting brush stick together when taken out of water ?

7. Why does a parachute descend slowly ?

8. Why does a diver put oil in his ears before diving,?

9. For better utilization of food by the body, eat well balanced!diet in

10. Lactating mother,requires more protein and energy to compensate these nutrients secreted in the milk. If these nurtrients are not provided to her in the diet it will affect

General Knowledge

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    A Case for War

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