General Science

1. A piece of iron with a cavity in it is heated. What will be the effect on the cavity ?

2. Why does the pressure of air in tyres increase when the vehicle is set in motion 'I

3. Pregnant woman needs additional food because ,

4. A well nourished infant.

5. Lactating mother,requires more protein and energy to compensate these nutrients secreted in the milk. If these nurtrients are not provided to her in the diet it will affect

6. A person who does heavy (manual) work as compared to counterpart who does sedentary (office) work needs

7. Which of the two will flow more rapidly down a channel of given slope, mercury or water ?

8. Why does a dead body float in water after some time ?

9. Why steam causes more severe burns than boiling water ?

10. Which of the following will happen if the force of earth's, gravitation disappears suddenly ?

General Knowledge

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  • Simple Science

    How Refraction Deceives us

    Refraction is the source of many illusions; bent rays of light make objects appear where they really are not. A fish at A seems to be at B. The end of the stick in Figure 64 seems to be nearer the surface of the water than it really is.

    The light from the sun, moon, and stars can reach us only by passing through the atmosphere, but in Section 76, we learned that the atmosphere varies in density from level to level; hence all the light which travels through the atmosphere is constantly deviated from its original path, and before the light reaches the eye it has undergone many changes in direction. Now we learned in Section 102, that the direction of the rays of light as they enter the eye determines the direction in which an object is seen; hence the sun, moon, and stars seem to be along the lines which enter the eye, although in reality they are not.

    FIG. - A fish at A seems to be at B.

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