General Science

1. Why do the stars twinkle ?

2. Can you cool a dry object by simply fanning it ?

3. Why a drop of water, put on a. clean glass plate, spreads ?

4. Can you cool a room by keeping the door of the refrigerator open ?

5. Which of the following birds can fly ?

6. How can bats fly in the dark ?

7. Who discovered the neutral particles neutron ?

8. Which of the following is neutral ?

9. When two bodies are rubbed against each other beat is produced. Where from the heat energy comes ?

10. Why is it difficult to separate two glass plates with a few drops of water put between them ?

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    Los Angeles Brooklyn Dodgers vs New York San Francisco Giants

    A rivalry spawned in New York transferred to the West Coast in 1958. It reached its most famous moment in 1951, when Bobby Thomson s home run beat the Dodgers to win the pennant. When the clubs fought for National League pennants in the 60s, they were also constantly fighting on the field, including the infamous episode when Juan Marichal attacked Johnny Roseboro with a bat. Giants fans loved it when Joe Morgan s homer knocked the Dodgers out on the final day in 1982 Dodgers fans loved it when their team knocked out the Giants in 1993. In terms of greatest head-to-head matchups, the East Coast edition of the Dodgers-Giants has the edge, slightly, over its West Coast counterpart.

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