General Science

1. Why water is used as a cooler in engine radiators ?

2. Can you cool a dry object by simply fanning it ?

3. Why do the stars twinkle ?

4. Why is it difficult to separate two glass plates with a few drops of water put between them ?

5. Who invented 'fountain pen' ?

6. Which of the following was the first one to declare that the earth revolves ?

7. Can you cool a room by keeping the door of the refrigerator open ?

8. Why do tyres have a rippled surface and not a plane surface ?

9. Who discovered the Law of Heredity ?

10. When two bodies are rubbed against each other beat is produced. Where from the heat energy comes ?

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    The kiss itself is immortal

    A kiss is divine. A kiss is energy exchange between human and god. Between two human beings or two animals, a kiss is like soul eating. It is like partaking each other s nature. The physical stimulus and thrill are actually aimed at uniting souls rather than just bodies. The lips are considered as the symbol of portal between inner and outer life. This can be felt by those persons who are spiritually evolved. It is said that animals do not have many layers of lies and deceit, so they are in better position to feel this divine and immortal energy.

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