General Science

1. What is the use of radiator in a car ?

2. Which of the following diseases is caused by insufficiency of insulin ?

3. Name the substance produced in the blood to counteract the effect of infection or poison.

4. Which,phenomenon of light explains the following ? (i) A coin lying at the bottom, of a cylinder full of water seems to be raised. (ii) A stick partially dipped in water appears broken.

5. In which of the following eye diseases, there is a clouding of the~ eye lens and visual clarity is reduced ?

6. What is life span of red blood cells ?

7. Which of the following groups of blood is universal and can begiven to all?

8. Which is the normal blood Haemogloblin level in an adult ?

9. Why the colour of the sky is blue ?

10. After the rain, a multi-coloured bow-like pattern, known as rainbow appears in the sky. Why ?

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