General Science

1. What is acupuncture ?

2. Which of the following groups of blood is universal and can begiven to all?

3. How many red blood cells are contained in one cubic millimetre of blood ?

4. Why nature has given us two eyes and not one ?

5. What is the normal urine glucose level of an adult ?

6. Which of the following devices converts mechanical energy into, electrical energy ?

7. How much salt is required by an average healthy man in one year ?

8. What is the use of radiator in a car ?

9. How much blood does a normal person have in the body

10. Which,phenomenon of light explains the following ? (i) A coin lying at the bottom, of a cylinder full of water seems to be raised. (ii) A stick partially dipped in water appears broken.

General Knowledge

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    Quad rackets

    Quad players are allowed to use the extra long rackets in case extra space is needed to tape the racket to the hand arm. Any quad player may be allotted extra time during a changeover in order to reposition or adjust the racket in the hand, without being penalized, but only if prior agreement has been made with their opponent as well as the Umpire if there is one prior to the match. The quad player must make every effort to keep any extra time to a reasonable minimum, so as not to disrupt or interfere with the normal progression of the match.

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