Geography of India [Physical, Economic and Social]

1. Name the project which is located in Maharashtra and which was rocked by an earthquake in the year 1967.

2. Which dam has been built on the river Beas ?

3. Which of the following statements is correct about the, ffirrakuudl Project ?

4. On which of the following rivers, Ransagar Project is located

5. In which of the following States of India, GyF sum is chiefly mined?

6. Under the Indus Water Treaty in 1960, India and Pakistan agreed on the distribution of five rivers of (pre-partition) Punjab. Which of the following rivers was secured for exclusive use of India ?

7. Which of the following projects is a joint undertaking of the Governments of Andhra and Orissa ?

8. In which of the following States of, India, bauxite deposits art found ?

9. Which of the'following statements is true about the' Nagarjuniasagar Project ?

10. Where was the first atomic power plant set up in India ?

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