General Knowledge - Geography of India and World

1. `Sakshat' is

2. The length of day and night is equal throughout the year on the

3. Rubber plantations are located mostly in

4. Gulf Stream carries

5. Which are the west-flowing rivers of Southern India which flow into the Arabian Sea?

6. The least populated State in India is -

7. Most of the weather phenomena take place in the -

8. The largest island in the world is

9. The book `Falling Over Back-wards' is written by

10. Which one of the following is a metamorphic rock?

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    If a player has the ball stopped and set up to shoot or pass, and the ball is unintentionally moved due to jarring by the opponent, the official present will call reset and he will reset all time limits. The player with the ball has the option of setting the ball up again, or ignoring the reset call and playing the ball where it is. Any movement of the ball, no matter how slight, may be considered grounds for a reset (example: a ball rocking in place). A reset is not considered a distraction, and the player with the ball may shoot immediately. The defensive team should not, therefore, relax or look at the official upon hearing the word reset, but rather should stay on defense. A reset call does not count as jarring infraction, however, repeated offenses may be grounds for the official present to call a technical foul on the defensive player causing the reset. A reset violation behind the ball shall not be considered a reset violation. It shall be considered a jarring violation. (Example: if the opposing forward is judged to have reset his opponent when the opponent has the ball on the 3 rod.) An intentional reset by the team in possession of the ball for the purposes of attempting to get a reset call from the official shall not be allowed. The team judged to be in violation of this rule shall lose possession of the ball, the ball to be reserved by the other team. (This is not counted as a reset.) A team is allowed one reset call per game. After that, a team causing two resets during the same point will be charged with a technical foul. If a technical foul is called for excessive resets, the next reset call shall not result in a technical foul. Resets are charged per team and not per player. If the defender intentionally jars the table, this will not be considered a reset, and jarring will be called immediately.

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