General Knowledge - Geography of India and World

1. Coal is found in

2. In which atmospheric layer are the communication satellites located?

3. Which time of the day is generally the hottest all over India?

4. Which of the following pairs of regions and States is not correct

5. Which of the following is called the 'Gateway to the Pacific'?

6. How many states of the USA are not attached to its mainland?

7. Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in

8. In which layer of the atmosphere do most weather phenomena occur?

9. Synclines and anticlines are the terms associated with

10. The highway connecting Sinkiang in China with Pak occupied Kashmir is

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    Historical occurrences and mentions 1

    Santoshi MaThe tale of the deity Santoshi Mata, and the narrative of her creation on Raksha Bandhan day, was popularized in the 1975 Bollywood blockbuster Jai Santoshi Maa. Ganesh had two sons, Shubh and Labh. On Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh sister visited and tied a rakhi on Ganesh wrist. Feelinand his two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi, for a sister. Finally, Ganesh conceded the demand and Santoshi Ma (literally the Mother Goddess of Satisfaction) was created by divine flames that emerged from Riddhi and Siddhi.

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