General Knowledge - Geography of India and World

1. Which is the largest river system of the peninsular region ?

2. Which is the longest canal of Uttar Pradesh?

3. Which of the following is characterized by excessive dampness with a thick growth forest and a variety of wild lives?

4. The Basque people who are frequent in the news for their separatist activity live in

5. In order to protect the wild life how many wild life sanctuaries have been established in Uttar Pradesh?

6. Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to pollution will cause

7. The Chilka Lake region lies in between the deltas of

8. The soil which have supported agriculture for centuries without much manuring or following are

9. Which of the following is matched wrongly 1. 231/2 Degree N Latitude - Tropic of Cancer 2. 661/2 Degree S Latitude - Tropic of Capricorn 3. 231/2 Degree N Latitude - Artic Circle 4. 661/2 Degree N Latitude - Antartic Circle

10. The hot deserts of the world are generally found near

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