General Knowledge - Geography of India and World

1. Which one of the following is the deepest point in the ocean floor?

2. Of the total water on the earth, fresh water reserves constitute approximately

3. What is Khetri in Rajasthan famous for?

4. The general direct flow of summer monsoon in India is -

5. The sphere of living matter together with water, air and soil on the surface of the earth is known as

6. Which of the following rivers does not form any delta at its mouth?

7. Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant obtains its iron ore from the mines of

8. An important river of the Indian desert is

9. Which one of the following States/UTs of the country has more than fifty percent tribal population of the total population.

10. The waterfall 'Victoria' is associated with the river

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    Legends of Mahashivratri

    There are various interestinglegendsrelated to the festival of Maha Shivaratri. According to one of the most popular legends, Shivaratri marks the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Some believe that it was on the auspicious night of Shivaratri that Lord Shiva performed theTandava,the dance of the primal creation, preservation and destruction. Another popular Shivratri legend stated in Linga Purana states that it was on Shivaratri that Lord Shiva manifested himself in the form of a Linga. Hence the day is considered to be extremely auspicious by Shiva devotees and they celebrate it asMahashivaratri- the grand night of Shiva.

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