General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which of the following article deals with the appointment, duty and tenure of the Advocate General of State?

2. An Indian passport holder leaves for abroad for an appointment on April 1, 2010. On which date, if he does not return, he would be deemed as Non Resident?

3. Which of the following Five year Plans set the lowest growth target?

4. Which among the following has been selected as consultant to Unique Identification Authority of India ?

5. Olafur Ragnar Grmsson who recently (in year 2010) visited India is president of which of the following countries?

6. In which of the following date "World Water Day" is observed?

7. Which of the following is known with the name Luftwaffe ?

8. The Proposed Article 47 (A) by Constitution Review Commission of Justice M N Venkatchaliah in the directive Principles of state policy is related to which of the following?

9. In recent times, there is an increasing use of Castor Cake in agriculture . Which among the following is the property of Castor Cake which makes it most suitable for application at the time/ or prior sowing ?

10. Who among the following was chairman of Union Carbide when Bhopal tragedy occurred on 3 December 1984?

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