General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Joseph Goebbels was an ardent follower and a minister of propaganda of whom among the following ?

2. Which among the following is incorrect regarding Buland darwaja?

3. Where is the seat of Uttrakhand High court ?

4. In recent times, there is an increasing use of Castor Cake in agriculture . Which among the following is the property of Castor Cake which makes it most suitable for application at the time/ or prior sowing ?

5. In which year, Nationalization of SBI Subsidiaries took place?

6. The Proposed Article 47 (A) by Constitution Review Commission of Justice M N Venkatchaliah in the directive Principles of state policy is related to which of the following?

7. Olafur Ragnar Grmsson who recently (in year 2010) visited India is president of which of the following countries?

8. Which of the following emirates bailed out Dubai, after the recent Dubai Crisis?

9. Which of the following Five year Plans set the lowest growth target?

10. Who among the following Indians is the winner of United Nations Environment Programme established Champions of the Earth award for 2009?

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