General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following is not correctly matched ?

2. What is India's Rank in World Uranium Production as per the latest data (December 2009) of World Nuclear Association?

3. Recently (in year 2010) we read in the newspapers that SEBI's new notification on February 4, 2010 has asked the banks and financial companies that the debt & money market instruments which have maturity up to 91 days will be subject to mark-to-market norms from July 1. At present securities with which of the following maturities come under mark-to-market norms?

4. Chashma-3 and Chashma-4 which were recently (in year 2010) news are the following type of power projects of Pakistan?

5. Recently (in year 2010) , ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement came into force. ASEAN accounts for approximately what fraction of India 's Foreign Trade?

6. On which date is observed Central Excise day ?

7. Where are the headquarters of World Anti-Doping Agency ?

8. What is the outlay of the National Knowledge Network (NKN) which recently (in year 2010) got cabinet approval to be established bu NIC in 10 years?

9. In which state is located the central Institute of Buddhist Studies?

10. Which among the following in India releases data on balance of payments (BoP) from time to time?

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  • Arvind Kejriwal

    List of major work done by him in just 49 days

    Lowered the rates of electricity
    Lowered the rates of water consumption
    Simplified the VAT for Delhi businessmen
    Played a vital role to curb corruption
    Played a vital role to curb inflation
    launched anti corruption helpline
    Gave an amount of 1 Crore to a martyr policemen
    Arvind Kejriwal also gave an order to power authorities to fulfill the electricity needs of country otherwise theyll bring some other power companies in Delhi. The party decided to pass JanLokpal Bill but was failed as Congress and BJP stood together against the bill passing procedure.

    Finally Arvind Kejriwal resigned in 49 days on 14th Februry 2014 since he failed to get the JanLokPal Bill passed because of BJP and Congress. According to many surveys people still believe that 49 days were best but Arvind Kejriwal shouldnt have resigned. He decided to fight elections in Lok Sabha 2014 against Narendra Modi PM candidate from BJP but was could not get succeeded.

    After Lok Sabha elections, some former members left the party and Arvind Kejriwal even went to jail in a case of defamation against Nitin Gadkari. Everyone thought this party is going to finish soon but then Arvind decided to open Mission Vistaar to work again from grass root level.

    On 3rd August, Arvind Kejriwal organized a rally against BJP on Jantar Mantar demanding fresh elections in Delhi. This rally was a huge success for AAP as around 9K people took part in it.

    But as soon as Delhi Elections were announced, Arvind Kejriwal again rebuild his army and all surveys shows his as the most preferred Cm for Delhi in 2015 elections. He is again contesting from his New Delhi seat.

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