General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Consider the following:
1. Citizens of Bhutan
2. Citizens of Pakistan
3. Citizens of Bangladesh
4. Citizens of Nepal
Who among the above can invest in India under the extant FDI policy , "Only Under the Government Route" ?

2. Which among the following enzyme plays an important role in adding the building blocks to the primer in a sequence determined by the DNA template?

3. Stirling Prize is given in which of the following fields?

4. As the January 31, 2010 deadline came to an end, all the key countries, including India, China, US and the European Union, have formally Ďassociatedí themselves with the Copenhagen Accord and put on record the actions they intend to take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is being taken as a first task towards a comprehensive global agreement on climate change in a summit coming up on 2010 at which of the following places?

5. In which country is located the Seikan Tunnel which is a Railway tunnel with less than half length under seabed?

6. In which of the following North east states Kopoli hydro project is located?

7. Which among the following city was originally planned as a replica of legendary city of Esfahan of Persia?

8. Who among the following introduced Kabuliyat and Patta?

9. David Lloyd Johnston is the new Governor General of which of the following countries ?

10. Which of the following was set up by State bank of India on recommendation of Iyer Committee in 1991?

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