General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which of the following North east states Kopoli hydro project is located?

2. On which of the following dates,Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas is observed in India every year on the birth day of Rajiv Gandhi?

3. The Red color of Red wine is mainly because of _____?

4. The metals in which among the following groups are required in maximum quantities in a living organism ?

5. Who among the following is the author of Business Bestseller "THE NEW AGE OF INNOVATION "?

6. Which among the following article is specifically excluded from the purview of the procedure of amendment as prescribed in Article 368?

7. Schengen Area comprises the territories of 25 European countries that have implemented an agreement signed in Schengen, Luxembourg , in 1985. How many countries are members of the Schengen area, but not part of the European Union ?

8. Bring out the incorrectly matched former capital?

9. David Lloyd Johnston is the new Governor General of which of the following countries ?

10. Which among the following city was originally planned as a replica of legendary city of Esfahan of Persia?

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  • Avataars of Lord Shiva

    Sureshwar Avatar 2

    Shiva and Parvati were satisfied by his total dedication and devotion. They revealed their real identity and blessed him. Shiva promised Upamanyu that he would be present in the vicinity of his hermitage along with Parvati forever. Upamanyu returned back to his home and narrated the whole story to his mother who was very pleased. Lord Shiva got the name Sureshwar because he appeared in the guise of Indra.

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