General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which of the following states of India has recently (March 2010) tied up with Border Security Forces to provide manpower and intelligence assistance in protecting one of its world famous National park ?

2. In which part of the world an economic organization SELA works?

3. What is the meaning of a Prasati ?

4. Dendrochronology is the scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree-rings. In a tree from which of the following zones, the analyzing the circles would be most easy?

5. Which among the following protocols is known to have ended the Civil War in Angola?

6. ADMM-Plus conference is related to which of the following?

7. Which among the following is not correctly matched ? (subject matter of articles)

8. Timothy Geithner, who is currently visiting some Asian Countries including India , holds the following office in United States Government?

9. Which among the following is the only Central Record Keeping Agency of India appointed by the Government of India responsible for all activities under E-stamping in India?

10. Consider the following: 1. Cheque 2. Bill of exchange 3. Promissory Note
Which among the above 3 instruments can be crossed?

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