General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which of the following mentioned amounts , Kraft Food recently (in year 2010) took over Cadbury?

2. Who among the following is the chairman of the Technology Advisory Group which has the mandate to fix the framework for large and transformational IT projects of the government?

3. Which among the following is assisted by Safety Review Committee for Operating Plants (SARCOP) for its functioning in India?

4. The full members of which among the following organizations are mostly described as high-income economies?

5. What is the latest WPI inflation projection for Financial Year 2010?

6. James Augustus Hickey is also known as ________?

7. During East India company rule which of the following court was considered the highest court of appeal in India for criminal cases?

8. Which of the following city of Tamil Nadu is known as world's largest producer and most important trading center of turmeric in Asia?

9. As per the Global Economic Prospects 2010 report released by Word Bank Recently, which among the following what is the expected growth fraction of Global GDP this year (2010) ?

10. Recently (in year 2010) a film 'Sonam' was screened at the 8th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival as a matinee show in Germany. What is the language of this film?

General Knowledge

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