General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Who among the following were awarded Nobel Prize in 1958 for One Gene One Enzyme Concept?

2. Florence Nightingale who was also known as Lady with the Lamp and was the first woman to receive the 'Order of Merit' in 1907 had transformed which of the following professions?

3. Which among the following was the capital of Vatsa Mahajanapada?

4. Approximately what fraction of world's sugarcane is produced by Brazil?

5. What are the current Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate?

6. Which among the following is constituted by the President of India under Article 280 (1) of the Constitution?

7. Mahatma Ghandhi’s remarks, "A Post-dated cheque on a crumbling bank" was regarding the proposals of which of the following?

8. Which among the following organizes World Investment Forum every two years?

9. Who among the following is one of the co-chairman of a high-level advisory group on Climate Change Financing created by United Nations tasked with mobilizing funds pledged during the Copenhagen meet to tackle global warming ?

10. The 1993 Paris Principles of United states are related to which of the following?

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