General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. parallax of one arc second is a unit of which of the following?

2. In context with Gender Budgeting in India, In which of the following Annual Economic Surveys, a new section on Gender Inequality in the Chapter on Social Sector was added taking inputs from the report submitted by " National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPF&P)" on Gender

3. Which among the following is the second tier (Block level) in the 3 tier system of local self governance in India?

4. If the cry of wolf" is made too often as a prank, assistance and protection may not be available when the actual wolf appears"
In context with which of the following, a bench of India's Supreme court made this famous remark ?

5. In December 2009, which of the following countries won a case against China at the World Trade Organization which has ruled that China is illegally restricting imports of movies, music and books into the country?

6. The summer & winter Youth Olympic Games will be held at the following places?

7. Recently (in year 2010) "Sale of a Gurudwara Land" was a issue in which of the following countries against which India raised its concerns?

8. Who among the following works as head of the "Board for Financial Supervision" in India?

9. In which of the languages Mahatma Gandhi published newspapers with the name Harijans ?

10. Which among the following country has been frequently in news now a days for armed conflict taking place between rival drug cartels and government forces ?

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