General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following sub sectors of the petroleum and natural gas (PNG) sector in India does not fall in the domain of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board of India (PNGRB)?

2. In which of the following Industrial Policy Statements , Tiny Unit was defined for the very first time in India?

3. In which of the following countries the largest fraction of total electricity supply is atomic energy?

4. In which of the following population group, the number of branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India is maximum (as on March 31, 2010)?

5. In December 2009, which of the following countries won a case against China at the World Trade Organization which has ruled that China is illegally restricting imports of movies, music and books into the country?

6. Goa Shipyard Limited is an undertaking of which of the following ministries of India ?

7. As on January 2010, what was the total stock position of food grains in the Central Pool in India?

8. Which of the following commissions appointed by the British Government abolished the statutory civil service and recommended a Provincial Civil Service in 1888?

9. In context with the Indian Agriculture, what is KMS?

10. The first Buddhist Council was held at Rajagriha ________?

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