General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. What is the total number of branches (approximately ) of ICICI Bank as of May 2010?

2. Goa Shipyard Limited is an undertaking of which of the following ministries of India ?

3. Which among the following is correct about Blood Group B ?

4. Which among the following National Park in India is also called the last house of White winged Wood Duck?

5. As on January 2010, what was the total stock position of food grains in the Central Pool in India?

6. The first Buddhist Council was held at Rajagriha ________?

7. A bill seeking to amend which among the following provisions will not require special majority and ratification by states?

8. (The figures in this questions are imaginary). We suppose that Cash Reserve Ratio in country's economy is 10%. The banking system wish a cash deposits of Rs. 1000 Crore, creates total deposits of Rs. 10,000 Crores. The reserve Bank wishes that bank should create more deposits. Which
among the following step will be taken by the Reserve Bank?

9. In December 2009, which of the following countries won a case against China at the World Trade Organization which has ruled that China is illegally restricting imports of movies, music and books into the country?

10. parallax of one arc second is a unit of which of the following?

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