General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following political parties have supported (In principle) the demand of Harit Pradesh?

2. What is the number of naturally occurring Halogens in the periodic table ?

3. What is the total number of Ramsar Sites in India ?

4. Which among the following is not a constitutional body in India? (BSNL JAO 2010)

5. Which among the following state has received the largest chunk in the funds released by the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government for its flagship income generation scheme NREGA?

6. In which date the IT department observes the Income Tax Day ?

7. To bring in more transparency, discourage mis-selling of Ulips & other insurance policies and help investors take informed decisions, what is the free look period given to the consumers?

8. Many a times we read in the newspapers that Government of India provides subsidies on food, fuel and electricity. Which among the following are reasons behind the fact that ultimate benefit of the subsidy don't reach to the poorest of the poor in India?

9. Jamie Dwyer who has been declared as International Hockey Federation Player of the year belongs to which of the following countries?

10. Which among the following does not come under Land Resources:

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