General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which of the following Sultans is known to have laid the foundation of Agra City?

2. At Present, our country has about 32000 rural bank branches . The government, in order to facilitate inclusive growth throughout the country has in the Budget Speech 2010-2011 directed banks to extend the reach of financial services to 73000 villages of the country, which have a
population of ___________ as per 2001 Census by 2012. Which among the following is the correct numeral to fill in the blank?

3. Which among the following world heritage site of India is owned by two states?

4. Which among the following film pioneered the tradition of using of foreign locales for on-location shooting of Bollywood films?

5. In how many languages Reserve Bank of India's Financial Education website is avaialble?

6. Many market linked insurance products & mutual funds available in the market provide the consumers, a guarantee of return on the basis of Highest NAV known as Net Asset Value . The net asset value is a measure of ?

7. What is the FDI cap in India in Banking sector ?

8. Which among the following is a future space programme of United States Government?

9. Many a times we read in the newspapers that government has hiked cess or duty on certain "demerit good". Which among the following is an example of demerit good?

10. In which country, 2nd World Investment Forum meeting took place recently (in year 2010) ?

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