General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following organizations confreres Avicenna Prize?

2. Dr. Khubichand Baghel was the first person to raise a voice in favour of which of the following states?

3. Which among the following is not a function of Sympathetic nerves in Autonomic nervous system?

4. Aliah University is the First Muslim University of which of the following states?

5. Most of the Food Crops of Africa are _________?

6. Which of the following income is common international poverty line ?

7. Which of the following Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in February 2010?

8. Who among the following is the author is the book Equilibrium Unemployment Theory ?

9. Which of the following organ in human body produces albumin, one of the major components of blood serum?

10. Who among the following is the current world's number one Golf Player ?

General Knowledge

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  • Winter Vacations Places
  • Electricity

  • The Most Reliable cars in the world

    Mazda MX 5 roadster

    The top ten most reliable cars chart is rounded off with two cars from Mazda, the first of which is the Mazda MX 5. The car celebrated its 25th birthday in 2014 and has always had a reputation for superb reliability it s still going strong in that department today. What s particularly impressive is that the MX 5 is a car designed to be enjoyed by drivers, so it s likely to be put through its paces far more often than most of the cars on this list. Mazda came eight out of 33 firms in the 2014 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey and that s due in part to the reliability of its cars.

    Price 18,500 - 23,300


  • Super reliable

  • Loads of fun

  • Relatively affordable to run

  • Cons

  • Cramped interior

  • Very small boot

  • A bit dated

  • Chourishi Systems