General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which year an act was passed in India which provides for constitution of a National Social Security Board and State Social Security Boards which will recommend social security schemes for unorganized workers?

2. Who among the following Chief Election Commissioners of India also served as first Chief Election Commissioner in Nepal and Sudan?

3. Who among the following famous authors from India / of India was honored with Guggenheim Fellowship?

4. Consider the following statements:
Assertion: The year end estimates of GDP are more reliable than the quarterly estimates
Reason: The Year End estimates are based upon overall measures of WPI and CPI
Which among the following options is correct?

5. On February 4, 2010 the safeguard agreement with regard to civilian nuclear facilities between India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has come into force. As per the separation plan announced by Prime Minister Singh and President Bush on March 2, 2006, and further elaborated on May 11, 2006, what is the number of reactors up to which of India would place under inspection?

6. Who among the following is known as the first to measure the distance round the earth and also known as Father of Geometry?

7. Which among the following organizations was established in Bangkok?

8. Till now, How many deputy chairmen of the Planning Commission have also served as Chairmen of Planning Commission?

9. Who among the following is the first Indian to win a Hoover Prize?

10. Who among the following is the chairman of Commission on Centre State Relations, constituted in April, 2007 to take a fresh look at the relative roles and responsibilities of the various levels of government and their inter-relations?

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