General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Bring out the incorrectly matched pair:

2. Recently (in year 2010) 97th Indian Science Congress was held at Thiruvanthapuram. Who among the following is known to initiate the Focal Theme in the Indian Science Congress celebrations?

3. On April 1, 2010, which of the following countries has launched CRCEES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme) , a new mandatory scheme which envisages to force some 5,000 companies to monitor and report their energy usage and related carbon emissions ?

4. In context with securities market in India, the regulator SEBI has recently (in year 2010) constituted a committee to review the role of market infrastructure institutions in the securities market, which shall review the ownership and governance structure of market infrastructure institutions in the context of their evolving role. Who among the following will head this committee?

5. Which among the following is not a beverage plant ?

6. Which among the following is commonly called as "Soft Loan Window " of the World Bank?

7. Which among the following is not correctly matched ? (famous personalities and nations)

8. Srikumar Banerjee is the chairman of which of the following?

9. Which among the following is/ are considered to be the first tangible evidence of expansion of Buddhism?

10. In which of the following Himalaya , high peaks are very rare?

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    A count of four 4 balls advances the kicker to first base.
    A ball is:
    a. a pitch outside of the strike zone as judged by the Referee where a kick is not attempted.
    b. a pitched ball that does not touch the ground at least twice or roll before reaching the kicking box;
    c. a pitched ball that exceeds one foot in height from the bottom of the ball as it enters the kicking box;
    d. a pitched ball that exceeds one foot in height from the bottom of the ball at any time while passing through the kicking box, prior to reaching the kicker;
    e. a pitched ball that is higher than one foot at the plate.

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