General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Who is the current winner of Asian Tour International (Golf) ?

2. For which of the following discoveries King of the Portugal created a title Count of Vidigueira to honor the Portuguese Expeditors?

3. Consider the following statements:
1. Article 18 of the constitution says that No title, not being a military or academic distinction, shall be conferred by the State
2. National awards like Bharat Ratna amount to the titles but are considered as exception with regard to this article
3. Titles violate the principle of equality as guaranteed by the constitution
Bring out the correct statements:

4. Many a times we read about Hot Money in newspapers. Which among the following options rightly describes hot money?

5. With which of the following is related CITES in context with the global issues today?

6. Pencils and Erasers are an example of complementary goods as they are bought and used together. If there is a rise in the price of the pencils. It will induce which among the following?

7. Consider the following:
1. Notes 2. Coins 3. Credit
Which among the above come under the category "Common Money"?

8. Which among the following ministry gives Medini Puraskar every year?

9. During which five year plan The Khadi and Village Industries Commission was established ?

10. Who among the following has been described as 'Jawahar of Uttarakhand’ ?

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