General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In India, which among the following state has the maximum estimated Uranium Resources?

2. The existence of genes was first suggested by?

3. Watson's Hotel or Esplanade Mansion, which is India's oldest surviving cast Iron Building is located in which of the following cities?

4. Where is located India's National Medical Library?

5. Directive principles particularly article 39 (b) and (c ) of the constitution of India are many times referred as charters of the following?

6. As per the recent studies conducted on Indian Insurance market, which among the following policy segment has grown faster than any others?

7. Which among the following was called as the Central Pillar of the administrative system of Delhi sultanate?

8. Who among the following cricketers was the first to score a century for the Indian Test cricket team in his Debut Test match ?

9. Prerna strategy & Santushti strategy are means of which of the following?

10. Which of the following company has developed Bollgard-I, Bollgard-II and is currently developing Bollgard-III varieties of Cotton?

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