General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which year Kendriya Vidyalayas came into being?

2. Which among the following is the most correct statement in context with Carbon footprint ?

3. In context with the RBI, NDS is an electronic platform for facilitating dealing in Government Securities and Money Market Instruments. What does NDS stand for__?

4. From which of the following countries government is seeking help for importing cheetahs to re-introduce them in jungles of India under Cheetah Re-introduction Project?

5. During the end of which of the Mughal rulers the Mughal empire faced the problem of jagirdari crisis?

6. Which among the following three well defined regions in Andhra Pradesh are treated as one for administrative purposes?
1. Delta 2. Rayalseema 3. Telangana

7. Who among the following is heading a high-powered committee, to firm up plans for the up gradation of human resource (HR) management practices in public sector banks (PSBs) in India?

8. Port of Spain the capital of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago was recently (in year 2010) in news for CHOGM meeting. What is CHOGM ?

9. Oldest trade union federations in India, All India Trade Union Congress was established in which of the following years?

10. Which of the following committee is known to lay the foundation for induction of Computer Technology in the Indian Banking Sector ?

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