General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. The idea of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in India was promulgated with RRB Act of 1976. In June 2004, an Advisory Committee on Flow of Credit to Agriculture and Related Activities recommended restructuring of RRBs in order to improve the operational viability of RRBs and take advantage of the economies of scale. Who among the following was the chairman of this committee?

2. In context with the Branch licensing for foreign Banks in India, (which is exclusively under RBI), at least how many branch licenses require to be cleared every year by the RBI as per India's World Trade Organization commitments?

3. Which among the following instruments used in Forensic Sciences is popular as Lie detector ?

4. The human musculoskeletal system consists of

5. Which among the following countries dominated in the Mocha Coffee trade several years ago?

6. Which among the following is main objective of setting up of National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd?

7. Srinija Srinivasan who has been recently (in year 2010) appointed as a member of the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars has been one of the founders of which of the following internet giants ?

8. Civil Defense Act, 1968 was amended by Parliament in the year 2009 in which the definition of ‘civil defense’ has been enlarged. Which among the following has been added to this definition?

9. While going towards the centre of the earth, the weight of a body shall ?

10. Hubbert peak theory is related to which of the following?

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