General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. What name was given to the first assault launched in the world's highest battlefield, Siachen Glacier by the Indian Armed Forces in 1984?

2. Poverty and Un-British Rule in India by Dadabhai Naoroji , was the original classic work on poverty in India. In which year this work was published?

3. Which among the following post is NOT dependent on the pleasure of the president or governor?

4. Which among the following is location of the first Hydro-electric Power station in India (and in Asia indeed)?

5. Niamey is the capital of which of the following African Countries?

6. A Rs. 50 note with a * (star) in the number panel between the prefix and the serial number indicates that _________?

7. Who among the following erected Gangaikonda Cholapuram ?

8. For which of the following ores Baba Budan Hills in South India are famous?

9. By which name the United Principalities of Moldavia and Walachia are known as today?

10. Which among the following is a Plurinational State officially ?

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