General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following is not a local wind ?

2. Many a times we read in the newspapers about REER which is weighted average of a India's currency relative to an index or basket of other major currencies adjusted for the effects of inflation. What is the correct expansion of REER?

3. Sale of securities by RBI can be placed in which of the following categories?

4. In context with the share markets in India, which among the following denotes the current practice of Rolling Settlements as mandated by SEBI?

5. Which among the following two countries have formally inaugurated the biggest wind farm in Antarctica in January 2010?

6. By which name the United Principalities of Moldavia and Walachia are known as today?

7. Arrange BRIC, SAARC, European Union and Shanghai Cooperation Organization in decreasing order of their population:

8. In which of the following states in India , the first megawatt scale capacity grid-interactive Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant of the country has been setup ?

9. Which of the following Lok Sabha had the shortest duration?

10. Which of the following city was known as Avanti in ancient India?

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