General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following is essentially a debt under the seal of a company ?

2. On which date is observed "International Anti-Corruption Day"?

3. Which among the following facility has been started in India for refinance assistance for small irrigation, IRDP, Dairy Development and Mechanism of farms?

4. Which among the following Mahajanpada was located south most comparing to other Mahajanpadas?

5. What is the current limit for collateral free loans to micro and small enterprises (MSEs) sector in India?

6. Tugrik or Tugrug is the official currency of which of the following countries?

7. Which among the following is a correct function of Public Accounts Committee?

8. Who among the following is considered to be the first member of the Sikh diaspora?

9. Which of the following IIT in India recently (in year 2010) came out with a prototype of E-dog, that sniff out explosives like RDX which remain undetected by existing security equipments?

10. In which year Central Economic Intelligence Bureau was set up to coordinate and strengthen the intelligence gathering activities as well as investigative efforts of all the Agencies which enforce economic laws?

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  • Daily Health Tips

    Eye exercise can cure defective vision

    The following exercises will loosen the strained and contracted muscles surrounding the eyes:
  • Keep your head still and relaxed. Gently move the eyes up and down six times. Repeat the same movement twice or thrice at two-second intervals The eyes should move slowly and regularly as far down as possible and then as far up as possible.
  • Move the eyes from side to side as far as possible, without any force or effort six times. Repeat two or three times.
  • Hold the index finger of your right hand about eight inches in front of the eyes, then look from the finger to any other large object ten or more feet away- the door or window will do. Look from one to the other ten times. Do this exercise fairly rapidly.
  • Move the eyes up gently and slowly in a circle, then move them low in the reverse direction . Do this four times in all. Rest for a second and repeat the movements two or three times, using minimum efforts. All eye muscle exercises should be performed while seated in a comfortable position.

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