General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Under the provisions of which of the following, 5 Zonal Councils were established in India?

2. Approximately what fraction of total global carbon dioxide emissions are emitted by India?

3. With which of the following neighbor countries, India has created a Joint River Commission?

4. Which among the following represents the per capita income (per capita net national income at factor cost) in real terms, i.e. at 2004-05 prices, as per latest estimates of CSO (Central Statistical Organization ) for 2008-09 ? `

5. Consider the following statements:
1. All kinds of Color Blindness are result of Genetic disorders
2. All kinds of Night Blindness are result of malnutrition
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

6. How the National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy 2007 seeks realize its goal of " Affordable Housing For Allí ?

7. Consider the following steps:
1. Banking Department gets currency from the Issue Department
2. Government puts the currency in circulation
3. Central Government Incurs a deficit in its Budget
4. Government Sells Treasury Bills to Banking Department of RBI
Which among the following is the correct order of the above steps?

8. With which of the following sports is related Viva Kerala ?

9. Under which of the following articles rule of law embodied under Article 14 of Indian constitution can be amended?

10. The Top five states with decreasing order of population (census 2001) are as follows:

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