General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. What do we call a situation, when the Government meets the gap of the public expenditure and public revenue by printing new currency ?

2. Who among the following nominates the chairman of Public Accounts committee of India?

3. Who has written the book"Interpreter of Maladies "

4. While keeping a promise that India has made in the Copenhagen climate summit, that India will voluntarily endeavor to reduce its emissions intensity by about 20-25% by the year 2020 in comparison to 2005, India also clarified that emissions from the following should be excluded in calculations to assess the country’s emissions intensity?

5. Which among the following is a typical Monsoon vegetation in India?

6. Which among the following is not among Seven Wonders of India short listed by NDTV in association with Ministry of Tourism Government of India in 2008-09 through a nationwide campaign based upon public votes?

7. In which of the following universities is being set up "National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Zone Management" under the World Bank assisted Integrated Coastal Zone Management project?

8. Which among the following is not a correctly matched capital?

9. Which of the following is known for first implementation of women suffrage?

10. With which of the following PRIA Soft is related to ?

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