General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which year Treaty of Amritsar was signed between Ranjit Singh and East India Company?

2. Which among the following is the fuel used in fast breeder test reactor at Kalpakkam?

3. Consider the following statements:
1. There is almost no speculation in the G-sec market
2. The Investors in the G-Sec Market are predominantly the institutions
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

4. Who among the following has written "Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto", the official theme song of Commonwealth Games?

5. What is the minimum number of employed people in India in case of a IT Mega project?

6. In context with Banking, which among the following is a correct with regard to Merchandise Credit and Merchandise Debit?

7. Which of the following country is the 2010 winner of both Men & Women East Asian Football Championship?

8. Which among the following is not correctly matched? (CEOs of Insurance Companies)

9. Recently (in year 2010) Bt varieties Bollgard-I and Bollgard-II were amid news as the reports in various news papers say that Bollgard-I has been phased out in many countries and Bolgard-II are preferred. These verities are of ________?

10. The dispute over Kuril Islands is among which of the following two countries?

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    1. Rub a nutmeg (jaiphal) against a smooth stone slab with a little water and make a paste. Apply on affected parts. (Note: It is believed by some rural, old fashioned practitioners that instead of water, one's own early morning saliva can be used for better results.)
    2. Add 1 teaspoon camphor (kapoor) to 1 teaspoon sandalwood paste and apply on the affected areas.
    3. Mix a paste of turmeric (haldi) and neem leaves (1:1) in a little gingelly oil (til ka tel) and apply on affected areas.
    4. Grind 1 tablespoon each turmeric (haldi), neem leaves and gingelly oil (til ka tel) into affected areas.

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