General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. As of 2010, by how many basis points, the repo rate has been increased by RBI just in 2010?

2. As per Indian Mythology , Dhumravarna is an incarnation or avatara of _______?

3. How many of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries are covered by India's Focus CIS programme for trade promotion which was launched in 2003?

4. Causing agent of which of the following disease produces Integrase enzyme?

5. In context with Banking, which among the following is a correct with regard to Merchandise Credit and Merchandise Debit?

6. Which among the following is the fuel used in fast breeder test reactor at Kalpakkam?

7. Which among the following mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games was a mythical sea bear?

8. Who among the following is known to have put forward the idea of Constituent assembly?

9. as per the data released by Registrar general of India in October 2009, the Infant Mortality Rate in India is 53 per 1000 births.In which of the following states infant mortality is highest in India?

10. NK603 is a Genetically modified variety of which of the following crops? (It has been outlawed in European Union)

General Knowledge

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    How did we gather information about our ancestors

    Researchers and scientists gather information about pre-historic life by studying remains of plants, animals and other objects, their fossil imprints and human bones. According to scientists, the study of human evolution consisted of apes which evolved into three distinct categories. One of the species was of humans, whle other two were of gorillas and chimpanzees. Much information is derived from the drawings and inscriptions on the wall.

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