General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Causing agent of which of the following disease produces Integrase enzyme?

2. The dispute over Kuril Islands is among which of the following two countries?

3. Which among the following is the fuel used in fast breeder test reactor at Kalpakkam?

4. The dual government of Bengal was result of a farman in 1765 by which of the following?

5. Till now how many people have won Both Bharat Ratna & Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

6. A phillumenist collects which of the following?

7. Which of the following country is the 2010 winner of both Men & Women East Asian Football Championship?

8. Which of the following places in India is known for first ever fort erected by any European Power?

9. Recently (in year 2010) Bt varieties Bollgard-I and Bollgard-II were amid news as the reports in various news papers say that Bollgard-I has been phased out in many countries and Bolgard-II are preferred. These verities are of ________?

10. Which among the following team is current winner of Duleep Trophy?

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    Crop Circles of England

    Crop CirclesThe crop circles first appeared in England. They are areas in a field of corn or wheat that is flattened in an artistic fashion. Usually the pattern contains circles of various sizes. People began to credit spacecraft aliens for the creation of these patterns. The media just loved this one. They still show newly created crop circles and leave the viewer with the notion that they could have been produced by aliens.Claims are made that the area of the flattened crop gives off an electromagnetic radiation that is unnatural. The claim is made that this same radiation has been detected at the location of UFO sightings. The area is damaged to the extent that the pattern shows even after several plowings. Others claim the crops show evidence of strange mutations in the downed plants.

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