General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following service has been most recently (in year 2010) brought under the purview of Service Tax ?

2. Kookaburras is the nickname of Hockey Team of which of the following country ?

3. In which state, the SHG-Post Office Linkage Programme was started as a pilot project by NABARD in early this decade?

4. Which of the following articles was inserted by an amendment of the Constitution of India to give full statehood to Mizoram?

5. Who among the following is known for preparing the draft of Quit India Resolution?

6. Which of the following constitutions interalia influenced the "emergency provisions' in the Indian Constitution?

7. The monetary authority in India is Reserve Bank of India. Reserve Bank of India is bound to maintain a reserve against the note issue whatever may be the amount. This system is called as follows:

8. The Higher court issued a writ to a lower court preventing it from exceeding its jurisdiction. This is referred to as ________?

9. In context with the Basel II guidelines , which among the following is true regarding the guidelines of the Reserve bank of India issued in 2007 for implementation for foreign banks operating in India and Indian banks having presence outside India?

10. As per the norms, a life insurance company has to mandatorily underwrite what fraction of the total policies in the rural sector obligations in the first financial year ?

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