General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following treaties / arrangements is the successor to the Cold war-era Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (COCOM)?

2. Who among the following is called "Bard of Avon"?

3. Who among the following is best known for defending three Indian National Army soldiers accused of treason during World War II?

4. The chemical oxygen demand COD test is commonly used to measure which of the following?

5. Which among the following is India's first library to computerize its hand written collection to disseminate through internet?

6. Universal Access and Human Rights this was the theme for the following international Observances of 2009?

7. Consider the following imaginary figures in context with the "Components of Money Stock".
1. Currency In Circulation is Rs. 1000
2. Cash with Banks is Rs. 20
3. "Other" Deposits with RBI is Rs. 15
4. "Bankers" Deposit with RBI is Rs. 40
5. Demand Deposits is Rs. 500
6. Time Deposits is Rs. 400
Which among the following is the correct figure representing " Broad Money "?

8. Who among the following formed the group" Brothers of India"?

9. Article (1) says that India will be a Union of States . Which among the following is NOT a correct statement in this context?

10. Recently (in year 2010) we read in the newspapers that in India , we have 6 lakh villages , 100% financial inclusion and a bank branch at every small village is a distant dream . Yet having a Banking Correspondent (BC) network that, in turn, will largely operate through a mobile phone network, can help the country to reach the target more conveniently. Which among the following best justifies this reason?

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