General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which state is based the Vruksha Prem Seva Trust which recently (in year 2010) won National Ground Water Award’ worth Rs. 10 Lakh?

2. Which among the following is a common industry in Bhadravati (Karnataka) , Churk ( Uttar Pradesh ), Dalmianagar (Bihar), Gwalior ( Madhya Pradesh ), Okha (Gujarat), Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan) & Surajpur (Punjab)?

3. Bring out the statement which is wrong:

4. Bring out the ONLY incorrect statement:

5. Test of reasonableness is a very important consequence under the following articles?

6. At which of the following places UN Charter was signed?

7. As per the World Economic Outlook Database, October 2009 edition, which of the following European country has Highest GDP?

8. To encourage the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Major Ports FDI up to what ceiling is permitted in India for construction and maintenance of ports and harbors?

9. Economic Planning comes under which of the following lists ?

10. In which of the following decade India saw, maximum number of Prime Ministers?

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