General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Government of India has set up some Commercial Offices abroad functioning in the Indian Missions which provide the institutional framework and are meant to promote India’s trade and economic exchanges with the world. By the end of 2009, what is the number of such commercial offices of India?

2. A Country with GNI per capita of US$ 978 will be placed in the following group?

3. Which of the following states in India accounts for almost 100% production of lemongrass oil?

4. Which among the following scheme is of none of the ministries of government of India?

5. In January 2010, which of the following university developed a new technology that enables safe payments through Mobile Phones to mobile phones without any other hardware?

6. On which birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, NREGA was renamed as MNREGA by Cabinet of India?

7. Recently (in year 2010) Petronet LNG Limited (a Government of India enterprise which imports (LNG) and sets up LNG Terminals in the country) has set up its first LNG Terminal at Dahej in Gujarat. Petronet LNG Limited is a joint venture between which of the following?

8. Lacrimal apparatus, Lacrimal artery , Lacrimal bone, Lacrimal ducts, Lacrimal fossa, Lacrimal fluid & Lacrimal gland are parts of which organ of the body?

9. Mullaperiyar Dam has been a long pending issue between which of the following two states?

10. In context with the markets, what is dematerialization of securities?

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