General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. What was the name of the judges and judicial officers in Satvahana Dynasty?

2. A Country with GNI per capita of US$ 978 will be placed in the following group?

3. Recently (in year 2010) India's Fertilizer major IFFCO entered into the Power business as it signs an agreement for a Rs. 7500 crore project with which of the following states electricity boards?

4. Which among the following group is also referred to as signed the General Arrangements to Borrow (GAB)?

5. Which among the following country's Prime Minister promoted the idea of an East Asia Grouping which led to formation of East Asia Summit ?

6. What is Malathion?

7. Consider the following:
1. Hearing appeals against the decisions and orders of the Chief Commissioners of Income Tax
2. Adjudication of disputes in respect of levy, assessment, collection and enforcement of direct taxes
3. Adjudication of disputes with respect to the rates of duties of Customs and Central Excise on goods
Which among the above come under the functions of "National Tax Tribunal"?

8. What is the number of International Airports, managed by Airport Authority of India?

9. In context with the markets, what is dematerialization of securities?

10. Constitution Part IV (Article 36-51) contain the directive principles of state policy. In the following options bring out those which include the scope of Gandhian principles?

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