General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. The unemployment of a person when he/ she is in midst of transiting between jobs , searching for new job comes under the which of the following category?

2. Consider the following statements:
1. Jainism did not spread as fast as Buddhism in India
2. There was no extensive royal patronage in Jainism as in case of Buddhism
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

3. Eighth edition of the Under 19 Cricket World Cup took place in New Zealand in January 2010. Australia won the tournament , beating Pakistan in the final by 25 runs. This tournament was originally scheduled to take place in which of the following countries?

4. At which of the following places in Uttarakhand , Mahatma Gandhi stayed for many days during India's Freedom Struggle ?

5. Which among the following is the most important determinant of the size of the market in an economy?

6. Many a times we read in the financial newspapers that Reserve bank of India is "Lender of Last Resort (LOLR) " In India. Which among the following statement gives the most correct definition of "Lender of Last Resort"?

7. Which among the following acid is NOT a Vitamin ?

8. From which part, Coconut coir is obtained?

9. In which of the following states is located Gyan Bharati Reserve, a Biosphere Reserve of India?

10. The CEO of which of the following Giants is a Woman?

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