General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In 2001 Reserve Bank of India introduced a system of OSS for scheduled (Primary) Urban Cooperative banks. What does OSS stand for?

2. Recently (in year 2010) we read in the newspapers that gross non-performing assets (NPAs) are reportedly 27% higher at the end of December 2009 than at the end of December 2008. This gives the following inferences:
1. The overall asset quality of the Banks has deteriorated in this one year
2. The slowdown in growth leads to trigger a rise in NPAs
3. The interest rates should be lowered as a measure to check in increasing NPS
Which among the above statements hold true ?

3. During end of which of the following period the urban centers of Gangetic planes declined ?

4. Consider the following statements:
1. Price Stabilization Fund Scheme was launched for Coffee, Tea, Rubber and Tobacco growers in the country
2. In this scheme Government procures the commodities when the prices fell below a certain level to support the growers
Which among the above statements is/ are correct ?

5. Which among the following is the highest civilian bravery award?

6. Who among the following is not a Golf Player?

7. What is the current number of Rajya sabha members in India belonging to Indian National Congress?

8. In which of the following events the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm ) award is given?

9. Which among the following is not correctly matched ? (Biological Institutes of India)

10. Due to whose pressure, Jahangir did not give permission to Captain Hawkins to establish a factory in India?

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