General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Recently (in year 2010) we read in the newspapers that gross non-performing assets (NPAs) are reportedly 27% higher at the end of December 2009 than at the end of December 2008. This gives the following inferences:
1. The overall asset quality of the Banks has deteriorated in this one year
2. The slowdown in growth leads to trigger a rise in NPAs
3. The interest rates should be lowered as a measure to check in increasing NPS
Which among the above statements hold true ?

2. Which among the following is not correct:

3. Due to whose pressure, Jahangir did not give permission to Captain Hawkins to establish a factory in India?

4. Recently (in year 2010) , a village Porunthal came into the news as archeological excavations have established it one of the largest glass bead-manufacturing site in southern India dating back to 2nd century BC to 1st century AD. In which state is located Porunthal?

5. Consider the following:
1. Mahavir Jayanti
2. Buddha Purnima
3. Guru Nank Jayanti
Which among the following may fall in the same months of the Gregorian calendar ?

6. Who among the following is known to oppose the Age of consent bill ?

7. From the given options A to E , please find out the one which is not an objective of a central Bank of a country?

8. Where are located the headquarters of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific?

9. In which of the following events the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm ) award is given?

10. In 2001 Reserve Bank of India introduced a system of OSS for scheduled (Primary) Urban Cooperative banks. What does OSS stand for?

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