General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following management institutes of India has featured among top 20 for last 3 years in the Best Global Business Schools a ranking done by Financial Times, London?

2. As we know the Eleventh Five Year plan's tenure will end in 2012. Till now, in the Eleventh Five Year Plan how many new Indian Institutes of Management have been established ?

3. Which of the following Management consulting firm is assisting to prepare a roadmap for restructuring of NABARD?

4. Which among the following is Indian Economy's Highest annual growth till now?

5. Troubled Asset Relief Programme (TARP), an initiative of US government which mainly pumped in billions of dollars into battered companies. Bank of America and CitiBanks were the main beneficiaries of this scheme. How much money was pumped in Vikram Pandit led Citibank ?

6. Which among the following international treaty or protocol bans all mining in Antarctica, designating the continent as a natural reserve devoted to peace and science?

7. Which among the following is correct regarding 2010 South Asian Games Hockey ?

8. There is a huge trade imbalance between India and China. India wants China to open up its market for Indian exports such as basmati rice, bovine meat and some varieties of fruits and vegetables. Earlier, China too had promised India to help the country in reducing the heavy trade imbalance. In 2009-10, approximately what was the trade imbalance between India and China?

9. Which among the following body runs the International Radon Project ?

10. Who among the following is first India Player to claim a WISPA title?

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