General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Cinnabar is an ore of

2. In an adult normal male , there are ....... chromosomes in all

3. Who among the following is credited with the invention of polio vaccine?

4. Brass is an alloy that is made up of?

5. Who is credited with the invention of e-mail?

6. Mark Thompson is the Director- General of?

7. Who discovered Ultrasound?

8. Which of the following personalities is NOT one of the winners of Nobel Prize for Economics 2007?

9. Malaria is a disease caused by?

10. This day is celebrated as the World Ozone Day. Identify the day from the given options?

General Knowledge

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  • Exam Tips

    But wont my teen miss something

    Exams are not designed to trick your teen, and examiners are not expecting them to know everything there is to know.
    Your teen will be examined on the topics that come up repeatedly in class the ones that they have spent multiple lessons going over.
    Your teens biology teacher might have mentioned some interesting/completely left field fact about whale sharks last August. Is this going to be in the exam? Heck no. But your teen better understand the difference between meiosis and mitosis, otherwise theres no point in turning up to the exam.

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