General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Agranulocytosis and Thrombocytopenia are the names of the diseases that you would associate with?

2. Which of the following is NOT a viral disease?

3. Suvidha is a bank account that was launched initially by ........ in 1998 for the first time in Bangalore.

4. Which of the following personalities is NOT one of the winners of Nobel Prize for Economics 2007?

5. Who is credited with the invention of e-mail?

6. The largest cement^manufacturer of the world today is?

7. Which of the following scale is used for the measurement of the degree of hardness of minerals?

8. Cinnabar is an ore of

9. Horse Power as we all know is the practical unit of power. Which of the following represents the number of watts equivalent to 1 Horse Power?

10. Which of the following companies you would associate with the concept of six sigma?

General Knowledge

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