General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Flying for everyone is the tag-line that you would associate with?

2. This business magazine promotes itself by using the tagline Your unfair advantage. Can you name it from the given options?

3. Flyte is a gearless scooter from which two-wheeler manufacturer?

4. Which of the following Insurance companies has the punch line Sar Utha Ke Jiyo?

5. Chulbuli is to ......., as Chintamani is to ICICI

6. Dettol a household brand name is all set to be repositioned against Lifebuoy to take it head on. The brand Dettol belongs to?

7. Rediff.com CEO Ajit Balakrishnan was appointed as the Board Chairman of?

8. SK Roongta is the Chairman of?

9. XC90 and S80 are the respective names of SUV and sedan that belong to?

10. Knowledge First, is the line that you would associate with?

General Knowledge

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