General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. ADSTAR and Sequent Computer systems are the subsidiaries of?

2. According to Forbes, who is the youngest billionaire of the world?

3. Naresh Goyal is the chairman of?

4. Lintas India, an advertising company, has been acquired by?

5. Which Infotech company has been roped in as one of the four main sponsors of FIFA World Cup?

6. iShare is the name of the newly-launched content sharing platform that belongs to?

7. This business houses owns the 4000MW Ultra Mega Power project to be set up at Mundra in Gujarat. Identify the name of the business group in question?

8. Quality In Everything We Do is the punchline that you would associate with?

9. Neo is the name of the bike model that belongs to?

10. As per the latest Budget for 2007-2008, which of the following represents the new income tax limit for males?

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  • Precautions while using CNG

    Welding And Hot Work Precautions

    For any welding in or near a CNG storage system, consider the following recommendations
    1. Ensure the vehicle is in a well ventilated area. Do not park the vehicle in an area where natural gas may accumulate.
    2. Turn all cylinder shutoff valves to the closed position.
    3. Make sure the manual shutoff valve on the FMM is turned to the ON position.
    4. Turn on the vehicle and run the engine until it stops.
    5. Ensure the vehicle is off and proper vehicle lock out procedures have been followed. Remove ignition key.
    6. Check gauges on FMM to ensure all pressure has been relieved.
    7. Remove access cover to fill panel. 8. Slowly relieve excess pressure using the bleed valves.
    9. The system is now fully depressurized up to the primary solenoid lock off valve. There may be residual pressure downstream of the solenoid valve.
    10. To remove gas downstream of the primary solenoid lock off valve, disconnect the electrical connector from the fuel panel and use a 12V or 24V power source as the vehicle requires to activate open the solenoid lock off valve.

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