General Knowledge - Art & Culture

1. Kishen Maharaj famous for?

2. Who wrote the line " A thing of beauty is a joy forever"?

3. 'Sonia, a Biography' was written by

4. Magasaysay Awards are NOT given in which of the following categories?

5. How many teams participated in ICC World Twenty-20 Cup?

6. The champion of India Premier League-III is-

7. 'Asian Drama', by gunnar Karl Myrdal, is a book on which of the following subjects?

8. 'Rainbow' is

9. Who wrote a book describing the theory of economic drain of India during British rule?

10. What was the pen name of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhaye?

General Knowledge

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  • Home Remedies


    1. Mash the garlic (lasan) cloves and apply externally.
    2. Apply the milky juice exuding from the stems of figs (anjeer) and leaves on the affected areas.
    3. Place some chopped onions in a dish, cover with salt and leave overnight. Twice a day apply the resulting juice to the warts until they disappear.
    4. Another alternative is fresh pineapple juice or slices. Since pineapple contains an enzyme that breaks down warts, it is very effective in removing warts without leaving behind any marks. Apply some to the wart several times a day until it has gone.

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