General Knowledge - Biology

1. A healthy freshwater fish is placed in saltwater. The expected consequence of this would be that

2. When an ant bites a person, which irritating chemical it (ant) injects into his (person) body ?

3. Which one of the following branchaes of biology deals with the study of birds?

4. Adensine Triphosphste (ATP) is

5. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of

6. Radio active cobalt and radium are used for the treatment of ....... diseases

7. Diseases caused by the actual contact with the sick person, is called

8. Which one the following is a genetically transmitted disease?

9. A gene is

10. A plant leaf appear to green because it

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  • The Rules of Stretching

    Dynamic stretching

    The goal of dynamic stretching is simple: minimize risk of injury and maximize performance. Stretching dynamically gets the blood flowing to your muscles and preps your central nervous system for activity. Without a 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up, your muscles will be tight and stiff, which means youll be less flexible, less able to use correct form, less able to achieve peak performance, and far more prone to injury. As mentioned before, static stretching only compounds these issues, as you will be stretching tight, cold muscles, essentially damaging them before your activity. NOTE: some people like to perform a few static stretches immediately following a dynamic warm-up, once the muscles are warm; not much research has been done on the effects of this, but I cannot imagine it would be detrimental in any way.

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