General Knowledge - Biology

1. A women reecive her X-chromosome from

2. Which one of the following grows under the tree?

3. A highly evolved human brain contains approximately

4. Which one the following is a genetically transmitted disease?

5. A healthy freshwater fish is placed in saltwater. The expected consequence of this would be that

6. A cell cycle consists of

7. Bacteria do not need sunlight to grow because

8. Adensine Triphosphste (ATP) is

9. A cockroach has

10. A bat is

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    The Magic Roundabout England

    Anyone who has been on the Internet for a while will recognize the Magic Roundabout it has appeared in virtually everyfunny picture list you can find. The roundabout is a real roundabout in Swindon England. It was built in 1972 and it includes 5 other smaller roundabouts. To make matters worse you must travel anticlockwise (the reverse of the normal situation on British roundabouts) when you enter the smaller central roundabout. The Swindon Junction has been voted the worst junction in Great Britain.

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