General Knowledge - Biology

1. Which one of the following statement is NOT correct?

2. Which of the following parts of the poppy plant is used for the extraction of opium ?

3. Spontaneous generation signifying the development of living organisms from nonliving has been termed

4. Octopus is

5. The theory which advocates that living beings can arise only from other living beings is termed

6. Respiration of plants is through

7. Consider the following conditions of a sick human body: 1. Swollen lymph nodes 2. Sweating at night 3. Loss of memory 4. Loss of memory

8. Activity of brain is recorded by

9. The biologist who believed in the spontaneous creation of microorganisms was

10. In the last stages of chemical evolution

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  • Home Remedies

    Scars removal from face

    1. Blanch & grind a few almonds to a fine paste with 2 tablespoon milk and one tablespoon each of orange & carrot juice. Apply well on face and neck. Leave for hour, then wash off.
    2. Apply one tablespoon finely ground raw papaya on face and neck. Keep for 15-20 minutes and wash off.
    3. Wash face with coconut water (nariyal pani). Apply coconut water on face and leave for 15-20 minute before washing it off.
    4. Grind one teaspoon yellow mustard (peeli rai) to a paste with 1 tablespoon malai/cream & apply on face and neck. Leave for 15-20 minutes. This also removes itching as well as blemishes from the skin.
    5. Wash & grind a few fresh mint (pudina) leaves to a smooth paste. Apply & leave for hour or apply every night before going to sleep. This helps in getting rid of pimples along with the blemishes.
    6. Apply a teaspoon of olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of lime juice. Leave it for 20-25 minute & then wash off.
    7. Take the pulp of a ripe tomato. Add a few drops of lemon juice & rub on the face and neck. Leave for 20-25 minute. Wash off.
    8. If your skin is dry, rub a stick of sandalwood in milk & if skin is oily rub it in rose water (gulab jal) and then apply on face. Leave for an hour and then wash with cold water. Very effective during summers.
    9. For a dry & blemished skin, mix a tablespoon gram flour (besan), add a pinch of turmeric (haldi), teaspoon orange peel (santare ka chilka) powder, a teaspoon curd (dahi) & a teaspoon milk. Apply on face & neck. When skin feels taunt, rub it off with finger tips or wash off with tap water.

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