General Knowledge - Biology

1. The resinous shellac is obtained from

2. Origin of species was published by

3. Endoscopy, a technique used to explore the stomach or other inner parts of the body, is based on the phenomenon of

4. A bio-genesis was disproved by

5. In the last stages of chemical evolution

6. Sexual selection theory was propounded by

7. The ship in which Darwin toured different parts of the world to collect data for his theory is known as HMS

8. Which of the following parts of the poppy plant is used for the extraction of opium ?

9. The theory that believes that the first living organism came from another planet is known as

10. The theory which advocates that living beings can arise only from other living beings is termed

General Knowledge

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  • Benefits of Pomelos

    Introduction to Pomelos

    Pomelosare considered citrus fruits, and are closely related to grapefruits and the other members of the Citrus genus. Its scientific name ofCitrus maximabecause it is the largest citrus fruit. The closest in size to this king of citrus fruits is a grapefruit. Pomelos are primarily found in Southeast Asia, which is their native region, and primarily found there. It has not become widely popular in other parts of the world, because it typically takes 8 years before the seeds can begin to flower and bear fruit. Also, much of the weight and volume of pomelos is tough and inedible, while only the inner flesh is palatable.

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