General Knowledge - Biology

1. The dreaded human disease, Syphilis, is caused by:

2. Both sun and Earth are

3. The solenocytes of Platyhelminthes, the nephridium of Annelids, and the kidneys of Vertebrates all have a similar function of excretion by differ in origin. They are said to be

4. The golden age of Dinosaurs was

5. Measles is caused by

6. Much of our present-day knowledge in Molecular genetics has been obtained by using the bacterium E.coli. If we were to collect samples of this bacterium, where should we look for it?

7. The vestiges of hind limbs are present in

8. Vestigeal organs are those which are

9. Jaundice is caused by a/an

10. Which of the following plant diseases is not a bacterial disease?

General Knowledge

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